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Plant Hire Equipment Rentals

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Front End Loaders Hire

Amandla Awethu Projects offers an extensive range of versatile wheel loaders and tool handlers for various industrial needs:

  1. 1.5m³ Front End Loader: Ideal for versatile material handling in diverse sectors.

  2. 2.2m³ Loader: A perfect blend of efficiency, comfort, and economic operation.

  3. 3.1m³ Loader: Combines superior performance with user comfort.

  4. 3.4m³ to 3.8m³ Loaders: Built for all-day performance to suit various needs.

  5. 3.75m³ to 4m³ Loader: Features robust design with advanced hydraulics.

  6. 4m³ to 5m³ Loaders: Offering a range from leading brands for heavy-duty tasks.

  7. 4.7m³ to 6.4m³ Loader: Powerful units designed for high horsepower output.

  8. 5.6m³ Loader: Tailored for various worksite tasks including construction and stockpiling.

  9. 6.4m³ to 6.5m³ Loader: Versatile units for a wide range of applications.

  10. 7m³ Loader: Incorporates the latest technology for increased productivity.

  11. 13m³ Loader: Ideal for high-production tasks in quarrying and mining.

  12. Tool Handlers (2.2m³ to 5.2m³): Range of handlers equipped with powerful engines, designed for optimal loading, handling, and lifting across applications.

  13. Each model is tailored for specific industry applications, ensuring clients receive equipment best suited for their project requirements.

Amandla Awethu Projects offers a comprehensive selection of wheel loaders and tool handlers, suitable for a wide range of applications across various industry sectors. From compact 1.5m3 front-end loaders, ideal for general material handling, to massive 13m3 loaders for high-production quarry and mining operations, each machine is selected for its optimal combination of performance, comfort, and efficiency. The tool handlers, ranging from 2.2m3 to 5.2m3, are equipped with powerful engines and are perfect for versatile loading, handling, and lifting tasks. This fleet, comprising brands like Komatsu, Volvo, and Caterpillar, ensures clients receive the best quality equipment for their specific project needs.

  1. Construction Equipment Rental

  2. Heavy Machinery Hire

  3. Earthmoving Equipment Lease

  4. Mining Machinery Rental

  5. Excavator Hire Services

  6. Wheel Loader Rentals

  7. Articulated Dump Truck Leasing

  8. Industrial Equipment Rental

  9. Plant and Machinery Hire

  10. Commercial Vehicle Renting

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