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Plant Hire Equipment Rentals

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Excavators for Hire


    At Amandla Awethu Projects, we take pride in offering an extensive portfolio of Hydraulic Tracked Excavators, each precision-engineered to meet the evolving demands of the construction and mining sectors. Our fleet, featuring top-tier brands such as Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar, Sany, and Hitachi, embodies the pinnacle of quality, reliability, and performance.

  • 20-24 Ton Excavators: These machines are the backbone of civil construction, offering unparalleled robustness and flexibility for a myriad of tasks, establishing themselves as the go-to equipment for efficiency and versatility.

  • 20T Long Reach Models: Designed for superior stability and extended reach, these excavators excel in challenging scenarios, including waterway maintenance and slope stabilization, thanks to their elongated arms and booms.

  • 30-36T Long Reach Variants: Tailor-made for projects requiring extra reach, such as deep trenching and river dredging, these models feature extended arms coupled with a durable undercarriage for optimal performance.

  • 30-35 Ton Range: Ideal for large-scale construction efforts, these excavators shine in heavy lifting and extensive earthmoving, boosting productivity with their capability to operate over vast areas.

  • 36-42 Ton Machines: Versatile and powerful, these units are adept at a wide range of tasks, from excavation and earthmoving to breaking through rock in quarrying and mining operations.

  • 50 Ton Category: These large excavators are engineered for major earthmoving projects, delivering unmatched power and operational efficiency.

  • 75 Ton Specialty Excavators: Built for specialized tasks in quarries, coal mining, and large-scale earthworks, these machines offer high-capacity excavation with surgical precision.

  • 85 Ton Workhorses: These giants are optimized for bulk operations in quarrying and extensive earthworks, ensuring peak productivity and steadfast reliability.

  • 120 Ton Hydraulic Shovel Excavators: The Hitachi 1200 model stands as a beacon of superior performance, comfort, and safety, designed to tackle the most intensive mining tasks.

Our lineup is not only about power but also innovation, with eco-friendly hybrid models that aim to minimize environmental impact and operational costs. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of attachments, from rock breakers and augers to compaction plates, rippers, grapples, and various buckets. These enhancements allow for customized configuration of our excavators to meet your project's unique needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance across all drilling, soil compression, material handling, and excavation activities.

Discover the difference with Amandla Awethu Projects, where our commitment to excellence and sustainability in plant hire solutions propels your project towards success with industry-leading equipment and technology.

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