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Plant Hire Equipment Rentals

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Track Bull Dozers

Amandla Awethu Projects offers a comprehensive range of track bulldozers, including Caterpillar and Komatsu brands, suitable for various construction and mining applications:

  1. D4 Bulldozer: Smaller blade capacity, ideal for light construction, landscaping, and residential projects.

  2. D5 Bulldozer: Slightly larger blade capacity, suitable for moderate earthmoving and construction tasks.

  3. D6 Bulldozer: Medium-sized blade, versatile for a range of construction work and site preparations.

  4. D7 Bulldozer: Larger blade capacity, effective in heavy construction and demanding earthmoving.
    D8 Bulldozer: Suited for large-scale construction and heavy-duty earthmoving with a significant blade capacity.

  5. D9 Bulldozer: Large blade capacity, typically used in extensive construction sites and mining operations.

  6. D10 Bulldozer: Very large blade capacity, ideal for high-volume earthmoving in mining and major construction projects.

  7. D11 Bulldozer: The largest blade capacity, designed for the most demanding mining operations and major earthmoving projects.
    Each bulldozer size is tailored to specific project requirements, with blade capacity increasing with the model size to handle larger and more challenging tasks.

At Amandla Awethu Projects, we take pride in offering an extensive range of bulldozers to meet every construction and earthmoving need. Our fleet includes a comprehensive selection of sizes, ensuring that no matter the scale or complexity of your project, we have the right equipment for the job. From the compact and agile D4, perfect for smaller tasks and fine grading, to the colossal power of the D11, designed for the most demanding mining and earthmoving operations, our range covers every possible requirement.

Our bulldozers are sourced from top manufacturers like Caterpillar and Komatsu, guaranteeing reliability, efficiency, and the latest in heavy machinery technology. Whether you're embarking on a residential landscaping project, a large-scale construction site, or a major mining operation, Amandla Awethu Projects has the right bulldozer to enhance your productivity and ensure successful project completion.

Explore our collection, and discover the ideal bulldozer that aligns with your project needs and elevates your operational capabilities.


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