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Plant Hire Equipment Rentals

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Compactors Rollers

At Amandla Awethu Projects, we proudly present our versatile range of soil compactors and rollers, designed to cater to a wide array of construction demands, from small-scale projects to large commercial developments.

  • 3-ton Soil Compactor: Perfect for smaller-scale tasks and confined spaces, this compact unit delivers precise and effective compaction, ideal for intricate landscaping and minor roadworks.

  • 7-ton Soil Compactor: This mid-sized compactor is excellent for moderate construction sites, offering a harmonious blend of mobility and powerful compaction, suitable for both sub-base and asphalt layers in mid-sized parking lots and roads.

  • 10-ton Soil Compactor: Tailored for more expansive projects, this model provides deeper and more robust compaction, making it a great fit for highways and large parking areas.

  • 12-ton Soil Compactor: Designed for significant construction work, this compactor is frequently chosen for extensive road construction and sizeable residential project areas.

  • 20-ton Soil Compactor: As the heavyweight in our lineup, this compactor excels in heavy-duty road construction and massive commercial projects, ensuring deep, consistent compaction for large-scale operations.

In addition to these, our fleet includes Smooth Drum and Vibrating Rollers, essential for achieving smooth and well-compacted surfaces. These rollers are particularly effective on granular materials and asphalt, ensuring an even and solid finish.

Our Tandem Rollers feature dual cylindrical drums, often vibrating or oscillating, to enhance compaction performance. They apply various forces to densify asphalt layers or soil, making them indispensable in creating durable and stable surfaces.

Furthermore, we offer Pneumatic Tyred Rollers, which are crucial for their kneading and sealing capabilities on diverse surfaces. These rollers are highly adaptable, with adjustable air pressure settings controlled directly from the cab for maximum efficiency. The ability to easily modify ballast packages ensures that the most effective machinery and processes are employed for each specific job.

At Amandla Awethu Projects, our comprehensive range of soil compactors and rollers, including the advanced and flexible options we provide, stands ready to meet the dynamic needs of modern construction sites, ensuring top-notch compaction and surface preparation for any project.

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