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Plant Hire & Mining Solutions

Welcome to Amandla Awethu Projects - Your Global Partner in Plant Hire & Mining Solutions. At Amandla Awethu Projects, we are more than just a plant hire & contract mining company; we are a team of pioneers dedicated to reshaping the landscape of construction and mining operations around the globe. With a rich history of innovation and excellence, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment, backed by a commitment to exceptional service and sustainable practices. Whether you're embarking on a complex mining project, tackling a major construction challenge, or undertaking critical infrastructure development, our comprehensive fleet is equipped to meet your needs. Our global network, combined with local expertise, ensures that we deliver not just equipment, but customized, efficient solutions wherever your project takes you. Discover a partnership that transcends boundaries, with Amandla Awethu Projects at the forefront of technological advancements and customer satisfaction in the plant hire & mining industry. Join us in our journey towards building a more efficient, sustainable, and dynamic future. where we bring global strength to your local projects. Specializing in top-tier plant hire & mining solutions, we are your partner in construction and mining endeavors across the globe. Amandla Awethu Projects (AAP) provides competitive and efficient open cast mining services to large mining houses for soft and hard rock. Our clients include and have included: Andru Mining, South 32, Stefanutti Stocks, Sibanye Still Water, Eskom, Johannesburg Water, Astral & more. We have the capacity to service public listed mining houses, private mines, construction companies and blue-chip corporations.


AAP offers cost-effective, tailor-made ad hoc plant hire and mining solutions. We procure new plant equipment from leading manufactures and our machines are kept in pristine condition with minimal hours on the clock. Our equipment is constantly monitored and serviced
by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).


We guarantee readily available stand-by units, and our service back-up is one of best in the industry. We function with optimum equipment utilization and our operators and staff have extensive industry experience. We select operators with relevant competency credentials and excellent skills and references. AAP offers mining solutions to suit your business objectives, exceptional quality service and the aspiration of economic growth for all stakeholders. From robust earthmoving machines to precise drilling equipment, our extensive rental fleet caters to all your construction and mining needs. Our expert team is always ready to provide tailored consultation to optimize your project’s efficiency.

Our Premier Equipment Fleet

1. Hydraulic Excavators: From mini to massive, our excavators are versatile and powerful, ideal for everything from precision earthmoving to major excavation projects.

2. Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs): Capable of navigating challenging terrains, our ADTs ensure efficient material transport and site clearance.

3. Front End Loaders: Essential for loading and material handling, our loaders combine efficiency with high-capacity performance.

4. Track Bull Dozers: For site preparation and grading, these dozers offer unparalleled strength and reliability.

5. Motor Graders: Precision-engineered for creating smooth and flat surfaces, perfect for road construction and site preparation.

6. Compactor Rollers: Essential for soil compaction, ensuring foundation stability and road integrity.

7. Skid Steer Loaders: Compact and maneuverable, skid steers are invaluable for site cleanup and minor excavation tasks.

8. Backhoe Loaders (TLBs): Versatile machinery for digging, trenching, backfilling, and material handling.

9. Crushing and Screening Equipment: Including jaw crushers and mobile screeners, for processing and preparing aggregate materials.

10. Drilling Rigs: For exploration, sampling, and foundation drilling, offering precise and efficient drilling capabilities.

11. Concrete Mixers and Pumps: Ensuring the timely delivery and precise placement of concrete for various construction applications.

12. Tower Cranes: For vertical lifting and material placement at height, vital for high-rise construction projects.

13. Telescopic Handlers: Offering versatile lifting and material handling with a range of attachments for various tasks.

14. Water Trucks: Essential for dust control on site and providing water supply for construction processes.

15. Dumpers: Small to medium-sized dump trucks for transporting materials across site.

16. Lowbed Trailers: For the safe and efficient transport of heavy machinery and equipment to and from the project site.

17. Mobile Lighting Towers: To extend working hours and enhance safety on site with portable lighting solutions.

18. Generators: Providing reliable power supply solutions for sites without access to the grid.

19. Pneumatic Rollers: Ideal for compacting asphalt, soil, and other materials in road construction and site preparation.

20. Asphalt Pavers: For laying asphalt on roads, parking lots, and other surfaces requiring a smooth finish.

21. Cherry Pickers: For safe working at height, offering access to difficult-to-reach areas.

22. Plate Compactors: For small area compaction tasks, ensuring ground stability.

23. Trenchers: For efficient trench digging for cables, pipes, and drainage systems.

24. Vibratory Hammers: Used in pile driving and soil compaction to improve foundation stability.

25. Piling Rigs: For deep foundation installation, supporting large structures.

26. Crawler Cranes: For heavy lifting and placement with exceptional stability.

27. Long Reach Excavators: Specifically designed for projects requiring extended reach capabilities.

28. Environmental Equipment: Including dust suppression units and eco-friendly options to minimize environmental impact.


Comprehensive Service Offering

Each piece of equipment in our fleet is either new or boasts low operational hours, sourced from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our competitive rates include the provision of a skilled operator for each machine, ensuring optimal performance and safety on your project. Please note, rates exclude fuel, Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T), operator accommodation, transport, and VAT, allowing for transparent and tailored project costing.

At Amandla Awethu Projects, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and environmental stewardship, ensuring our equipment and operations exceed industry norms. Partner with us for your next project, and benefit from the assurance of quality, reliability, and comprehensive support that our fleet provides.

Latest News 

Current ongoing projects

15 January 2024 (Commence-date) - Current Ongoing Contract

Material Management


Amandla Awethu Projects has been instrumental in the material handling operations at our Kusile Power Station branch. Their dedication to providing top-tier services is evident in their meticulous approach to managing and executing tasks. The team's expertise and professionalism have greatly contributed to the efficiency and smooth running of our operations.

Ongoing Projects

1st September (Commence-date) - Current Ongoing Contract

Plant Hire  and processing material


“Amandla Awethu Projects has been offering services to North-Block Complex for Plant Hire and Processing Material Services for a 24 month contract. 

Current ongoing projects

01 January 2020 (Commence-date) - Current Ongoing Contract 2030

Plant Hire on various operations


“Andru Mining are hiring multiple 80-ton excavators and 40-ton ADT’s from Amandla Awethu on different operations. They supply us the machine with operators and confirm that since they have started, we have had excellent service from them. The equipment has availabilities of above 90% since they started and they are maintaining these availabilities. We will recommend them to anyone seeking for a quality well looked after machine.” 

Current ongoing projects

01 August 2023 (Commence-date) - Current Ongoing Contract

Plant Hire on various operations


“Astral are hiring 30-ton excavators, 10m3 Tipper trucks, Skidsteers, Front end Loaders & dozers from Amandla Awethu on various of our operations.  

Current ongoing projects

01 November 2022 (Commence-date) - Current Ongoing Contract

Plant Hire on various operations


Sibanye-Stillwater are hiring Front end Loaders from Amandla Awethu on their north-west operations..  

Completed Projects

01 November 2020 - 31 October 2021

Plant Hire with Mholi @ South 32 Ifalethu Colliery,

Load & Haul Operation.


“Amandla Awethu Projects has been offering services to Mholi for the Plant Hire of 6 Volvo's 40 ton ADTs from November 2020 for a 6 month contract. We have further extended the contract to 1 year ending 31 October 2021, following outstanding service received from Amandla Awethu. Amandla Awethu have offered an outstanding service ensuring the machines are always in good condition and maintained properly. The machines have been running at an average 500 hours per month and 97% availability since the beginning of the contract and continue to improve every month.”

Completed Projects 

02 February 2020 - 08 October 2020

Plant Hire with Stefanutti Stocks at Ferro-bank.


“Stefanutti Stocks Roads, Earthworks and Pipelines has used Amandla Awethu Projects as a plant hire supplier for the extension of a calcine disposal facility in Ferro-bank. The service provided was professional, efficient, and very satisfactory. We highly recommend them.”

Efficient & Reliable Plant Hire Solutions

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