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Refining Material Processing in Mpumalanga: Crush & Screening Innovation by Amandla Awethu Projects

Updated: Jan 7

Introduction: In our compelling blog series, we turn our focus to an ongoing project in Mpumalanga, where Amandla Awethu Projects is making strides in the field of Crush & Screening Material Processing. This entry highlights our ongoing efforts and the meticulous approach we are employing to ensure the project's success.

Mpumalanga’s Material Processing Challenge: Set against the backdrop of Mpumalanga’s diverse terrain, our current project involves intricate material processing tasks. The goal is not just to complete the project but to do so with the finesse and precision that Amandla Awethu Projects is known for.

Deploying the Right Equipment: To meet the demands of this complex operation, we have carefully selected a variety of equipment:

  • Scalper Finlay 833: This robust machine plays a crucial role in the initial screening phase, efficiently sorting and sifting through raw materials.

  • 30-ton Hyundai Excavator: Integral to the excavation process, this excavator is known for its reliability and precision.

  • Front End Loader 950 Cat: A versatile and powerful loader, essential for handling and transporting materials on site.

  • 3x Volvo A40G Articulated Dump Trucks: These ADTs are critical for moving processed materials, known for their durability and high capacity.

Ongoing Efforts and Precision: As the project progresses, our team’s expertise in Crush & Screening Material Processing is continuously put to the test. Every step, from initial material handling to the final screening, is performed with an eye for detail, ensuring that each phase of the operation meets our stringent quality standards.


Conclusion: The ongoing project in Mpumalanga is a testament to Amandla Awethu Projects' commitment to excellence in Crush & Screening Material Processing. Our ability to adapt and effectively utilize a variety of specialized machinery demonstrates not just our versatility in plant hire but also our dedication to completing projects with the utmost finesse. As this project continues, we remain focused on achieving the high standards that are synonymous with our name in the plant hire and material processing industry.


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