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Mastering a Mega Project in North West: A Showcase of Plant Hire & Mining Solutions

Updated: Jan 7

Introduction: In this penultimate entry of our Blog series, Amandla Awethu Projects takes you on a journey to North West where we undertook and triumphantly completed a mammoth mining and processing project. This blog reveals how our extensive range of plant hire equipment and mining solutions facilitated the processing and delivery of over 1,000,000 tons of product.

The North West Mission: Faced with the ambitious goal of processing and transporting a million tons of material, our project in Mooinooi required not just an extensive fleet but also meticulous planning and flawless execution.

Our Diverse Equipment Fleet: To rise to this challenge, we deployed a comprehensive lineup of machinery:

  • Jaw Crusher & Feeder Breaker: These machines were pivotal in the initial crushing stage, ensuring efficient breakdown of large rocks.

  • Triple Deck Screen Finlay 694+ & Double Deck Screen Finlay 696: Crucial in the screening process, these screens sorted and graded the crushed material with high precision.

  • Sany 335 Excavator: This excavator played a key role in both extraction and loading, thanks to its power and versatility.

  • 2x Caterpillar Front End Loader 950: These loaders were instrumental in material handling and transport preparation.

  • 5x 10m3 Tipper Trucks & 12x 34 Tons Side Tipper Trucks: A fleet of tipper trucks ensured the efficient movement of processed material, crucial in meeting the project’s vast scale.

Achieving a Milestone with Finesse: The combination of high-capacity crushing equipment with advanced screening technology and efficient hauling machinery allowed us to process and deliver over a million tons of material. This achievement was not just a demonstration of our equipment's capability but also of our team's ability to effectively manage and operate a diverse fleet.

Amandla Awethu Projects-open-cast-excavators-10m3 tipper trucks-34tons-side-tippers

Conclusion: The success in North West stands as a testament to Amandla Awethu Projects’ proficiency in providing end-to-end plant hire & mining solutions. Unlike previous projects focusing on excavation or drilling, this operation required a holistic approach to material processing and transportation, showcasing our versatility and commitment to meeting and exceeding project goals. Join us in our final blog post to discover another facet of our extensive capabilities in the mining and plant hire industry.


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